For more information about opportunities of how you can get involved with Butterfly Haven please send us a message!

We love having volunteers of all ages participate in #MakingMomentsMatter for our children and families.

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Become a Community Partner in Mission

“I was referred to Butterfly Haven and honestly they are God sent. They were so generous and nice considering how I kind of just showed up at their front door. Not only did they help with the clothes they also helped with food and resources. The amount of information that was given to me was extremely helpful and I would recommend Butterfly Haven to any family that fosters, adopted or does guardianship because they are such a help. Organizations like this one need more exposure because the amount of help and hope I received was amazing!! Thank you!”

Your financial support helps make this possible.

While many of the resources we provide are donated, we still have expenses associated with operating a business (rent, utilities, insurance, licensing).  Additionally, we have an emergency expense fund we use to help ensure that as many needs presented to us are met. That means some resources have to be purchased.  Many times these items are beds, mattresses, and food items/meals.  Please consider becoming involved in positively impacting our Community by giving to enable us to continue #MakingMomentsMatter.