Butterfly Haven provides our resources at no cost to the families we serve.   In order to continue to serve our Community, as an organization, there are expenses of rent, utilities, insurance, licensing, events, birthday parties, respite, rentals, and emergency funds that we rely on the generous financial support of individuals and Community members to help meet.

Financial Support Levels

$100 Resource Room

Enables Butterfly Haven to open our Resource Room to foster children, children in crisis and the families caring for them. The resources provided in our Resource Room are donated by the Community and provided to our families free of charge.

$75 What’s In Your Hands? Pantry

Enables Butterfly Haven to stock our Pantry and keep it open and available to foster families and families in crisis.

$50 Birthday Party

Enables Butterfly Haven to provide a birthday celebration for foster children who may not otherwise get a birthday celebration.

$40 Foster Family Meal

Enables Butterfly Haven to provide a meal to a foster family during an emergency, hospitalization, new placement and during times of crisis.

$30 Respite Day for a Child

Enables Butterfly Haven to provide Respite Activities for foster children and allowing their foster parents to have much needed break to rejuvenate and self-care.

$20 Birthday Bag of Gifts

Enables Butterfly Haven to provide special birthday presents for children in foster care

$10 Caring Case

Enables Butterfly Haven to provide a Duffle Bag or Suitcase to foster children who are first entering care. Helping to provide basic needs such as toothpaste, toothbrush, hair care items, pillow, blanket, underwear, socks, soap, a coloring book, art/craft supplies, books, and more.

$5 Snack Packs

Enables Butterfly Haven to provide chips, pretzels, crackers, drinks (water, juice boxes/pouches), candy and more for children during our activities and events.